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I’ve had another long day working from home which has allowed me to achieve a variety of things. Firstly, I’ve caught up with picture editing which means there’s now over 59,300 pictures on my Zenfolio website. Follow this link to see which galleries the most recent pictures have been added to. I’ve also been busy on other client based projects, one of which I can’t talk about at the moment but it involves a lot of search for particular pictures. Hopefully I’ll have this finished by the weekend. Of course there’s been the usual paperwork drudgery, plus keeping in touch with clients about jobs old and new via the wonders of email. There’s some exciting stuff to look forward to, including a job on Merseyside on Friday, but more about that when it happens.

Despite all the office based stuff I’ve still managed to get out and get some exercise by strolling up through our local woods, taking a roundabout route to do some shopping, although today the Calder Valley hasn’t exactly been basking in sunshine, just haze and a mixture of dull skies or high cloud. Compared to the fantastic summer we had last year this one’s more like the proverbial curate’s egg!

With being so busy I’ve not been following the news so I’ve escaped the madhouse that’s the Tory Leadership race to the bottom. The idea that the country, or rather a very tiny proportion of it which is Tory, elderly and believes in some batshit crazy stuff – including Brexit – is about to elect a blustering and incompetent serial liar as the next Prime Minister (yes, you Boris Johnson) is beyond madness. But that’s where we are nowadays. The country has taken leave of its senses and all the majority of us can do is watch the car-crash as it unfolds in front of our eyes. How long it will take before the first political crisis arises after Johnson’s elected is anyone’s guess, but I’m willing to bet that it won’t take long. The Tory membership may be falling over themselves at Johnson’s feet, but there’s plenty of seasoned Tory politicians who know what a disaster he would be as Premier and the potential he has to tear their party apart and/or lead it to political oblivion. I suppose that might be the only silver lining to this particular cloud but it’s a hell of a price to pay.

Right, enough political musing, I’ve got another early start as I’ve lots of work to do tomorrow and the alarm clock’s already counting down to morning…