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After all the gallivanting and early starts I’ve had this week I’d planned to have a lie-in this morning. Jet (our cat) had other ideas. I was woken up at 07:30 by him loudly meowing at my side of the bed, as he often does when he wants feeding. On autopilot, I got up, went downstairs & topped up his dish, only to find the little bugger had stayed upstairs as he really wasn’t that bothered about food. It was just a test. I’m convinced he’s playing games with me now in some strange feline twist on Pavlov’s dogs! I crawled back into bed but couldn’t get back to sleep for a while, so it’s been a late start to the day. Thanks Jet – next time, pick on your ‘mother’ for the experiment…

Mind you, the weather’s been something to stay inside and watch rather than venture out in. We had several heavy hailstorms this morning interspersed with bouts of sunshine. It’s been a good excuse to stay in, drink coffee and catch up with some pictures editing. Here’s one from earlier in the week. These are the CAF built Class 195s which are some of the replacements for the old BR built Pacers. 25 of these two-car units will come into service with Northern over the next year.

DG322240. 195002. Preston. 9.5.19.crop

Right now we’re getting to venture out and head over to Mytholmroyd to join Sue and Geoff Mitchell, two stalwarts of the station friends group to celebrate their wedding anniversary along with some of their other friends. I’ll post a few pictures later.