I really don’t know whether I should laugh or cry at the news that Parliament is so screwed up that it’s not managed to find a way out of the absolute shit-show that’s Brexit tonight. Saying that the lunatics have taken over the asylum doesn’t do it justice as the lunatics have been in charge ever since the result of the Brexit referendum back in 2016. We’re ruled by a significant part of Parliament and the Lords that has absolute shit for brains – and that’s not a party political point. I’m an equal opportunities cynic so I can see MPs (and Lords) from all parties who fit that bill. Some of our elected members – and also Lords appointees – have completely lost the plot. Right now I could really let rip at the cakeism and venal opportunism that infects our Governing bodies. None of them are thinking about what’s best for the country. Instead we’ve been caught up in a perfect storm. We’ve got a Tory party who’ve let an internal brawl over Europe spill into the streets via a flawed and corrupt referendum – and at the same time we have the weakest and most dogmatic Labour leadership in living memory. All of them are playing politics. None of them are doing what’s best for the country. Instead, they’re pretending they can make Unicorns exist. It doesn’t matter if it’s a blue or a red one – all you have to do is believe – and vote for them!

Looking at this utter shambles, and how an old and out of touch (but arrogant) democracy can be so easily reduced to this would actually be a salutary lesson – if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s my country and that of some 66 million other souls. We’re not a banana republic, but that’s what we’re reducing ourselves to. Right now I can’t help thinking that the best thing the EU can do is cut us adrift in the hope that will (eventually) allow common-sense to intrude on a county that clearly is in desperate need of a reality check.

What the events of the past few years have shown is that our political system and the old allegiances are broken. We have nutters to the left of us as well as to the right. all are driven by dogma, not what’s best for the country – and that’s what needs fixing. The old joke that you could stick a red/blue rosette on a pig (depending on the constituency) and it would get elected has come back to haunt us.

Meanwhile, if I were you – I’d keep stockpiling those tinned goods…