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Not me you understand, that’s all of us. Storm ‘Freya’ has been providing some wet and windy weather here in the Calder Valley so I’ve been perfectly content to spend the day working from home. It hard to credit that this time last week we were basking in sunshine and temperatures that would have been more appropriate for May rather than February. Now the central heating’s back on!

My work at home’s very much been focussed on picture editing, uploading pictures to the RDG Flickr account for much of the day (God, I hate keywords!) before spending this evening catching up on scanning some more old slides in an effort to steadily whittle down the pile. Working at the current rate it’s going to take me at least 5 years to get the majority scanned, and as I’m not getting any younger…

Looking back at old pictures from September 1996, almost 23 years ago, is an odd experience for two reasons. One is seeing how much has changed on the UK railways in that time, the other is being transported back 23 years to the moment in time when I pressed the shutter to think “I remember that”. Here’s a pair of pictures from this evening’s batch, taken at Peterborough on Thursday the 19th September 1996.

06185. 37885. 37057. 37054. 37220. 08529. Depot Christmas tree. Peterborough.19.9.96.crop

The above view shows the EW&S depot (well, small servicing shed and fuelling point really) with mixed bag of Class 37 locomotives in a variety of liveries, whilst one of the yard shunters sit on the depot road. The view was taken from the Mayor’s Walk road bridge, just North of the station. Here’s the view looking the other way.

06176. 31466. 31407. 31xxx. 31271. Peterborough.19.9.96.crop

An equally mixed bag of Class 31s are stabled in the dead end road known as the Carriage Siding, waiting to be used on weekend engineers trains. As both pictures show, the assets weren’t exactly being sweated in those days! Now, in 2018, you’d be lucky to see one locomotive on the EWS (now DB Cargo) depot and the carriage siding’s mostly disused.