Having had a cathartic moment earlier to vent my spleen over the Brexit shambles I’m back at work. It’s been an interesting and productive day so far – even if the weather’s been bleedin’ awful! We’ve had heavy rain and strong winds here in the Calder valley so I’ve been happy to be working from the office at home, occasionally venturing into the bedroom to gaze out of the window and look across the valley. Well, when I can see past the raindrops that is!

An email out of the blue requesting pictures for a magazine has also led to a forthcoming assignment in the Midlands, whilst a series of Tweets from last night has meant that next week I’ll be visiting a railway depot that I haven’t been near since the 1970s: Leeds Holbeck, which promises to be really interesting. No doubt I’ll be blogging about that another time. Another positive is that my email inbox has had a severe weeding. It’s no longer morbidly obese but it still needs to cut down on the junk!

Oh, there’s also been some more pictures added to the New Zealand gallery on my Zenfolio picture website. There’s now over 500 images from that neck of the woods on file. You can find them all here. I’ve still more to add when time permits but as I took several thousand that may be a while as I have other work to prioritise.

Now the rain has eased and the weather has become less hostile I’m going to venture out to stretch my legs, give my eyes a rest from the screen and pick up some shopping, hopefully without getting blown away!


The view from the bedroom window. Sowerby Bridge recovering from its earlier drenching…

This evening’s relaxation has been to indulge in a spot of cooking. It’s not something I had the time or the facilities for when we were in New Zealand, so having the freedom of a familiar kitchen was lovely. Tonight’s dish was Chana Masala – an old favourite from my time(s) in India.

I cooked it whilst listening to Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers album ‘Full Moon Fever’. Every time I play it I’m transported back to the rooftop of a Hotel in Kathmandu, Nepal  in 1992 which is where and when I first heard it – and I’ve loved it ever since. I was travelling around the world for a year solo and had a fabulous time. In fact, here’s a picture taken way back then at Holi, the Indian festival of colours, when everyone goes mad, throwing dyes at all and sundry. I really must get all the pictures from that trip scanned one day! For those who can’t work it out, I’m the one on the right!

T3332. Holi. Kathmandu. Nepal. 1992.crop