If there’s one thing (in fact there’s many) that I miss about New Zealand it’s the weather – especially today when the Calder Valley has spent all morning hidden by fog! The far side only emerged from the murk over lunchtime, prompting me to tear myself away from the computer and work to head down into Sowerby Bridge in order to pick up some shopping.

Despite the fog clearing it remains one of those dour and damp Pennine afternoons where the day seems fleeting as you know darkness is only a few hours away. As a harbinger, many vehicles have their headlights on already due to the skies turning black now rain’s usurped the fog.

It’s such a contrast to Auckland, which was on the cusp of a heatwave when we left. I wouldn’t mind a bit of that now!

As I walked through town I noticed that yet another barbers has opened, which made me think. For a town with a population of 11,700 the place isn’t exactly short of places to get your hair cut. In fact, barbers take up a high percentage of the shops here and are second only to restaurants and fast food joints. I decided to photograph all the ones on the main drag. Here’s the result.

I can’t help wondering if they’re not cutting each other’s throats as well as blokes hair…