After all our travels over the past couple of weeks we’ve kicked back today – but that’s purely because of the weather, which has been wet, wet, wet! The bright side of this has been the chance to catch up on sleep, picture editing and all those chores that you can’t when you’re constantly on the move. I’ve added a huge amount of pictures from across to New Zealand to my Zenfolio website. You can find them here.

After catching up on the rest of the world we wandered into Wanaka as we needed to do some shopping. Whilst we’ve been in New Zealand we’ve become fans of the New World supermarkets, they make Tescos look very old world as the variety of food and drink they offer’s very good indeed – and when your currency’s been tanked by Brexit nutters ‘every little helps’!

Wanaka’s an interesting place. There’s some very nice custom built properties here and it’s obviously an affluent town. The town centre’s hectic as there’s lots of pubs and restaurants on the main road in front of the lake but most of them close before 22:00. This is something we’ve discovered about New Zealand – a late culture it ain’t! In many places you’d be lucky to find anywhere open after 21:00,  That said, there’s still quite a few backpackers establishments here as Wanaka’s an important stop on the road from the West coast, so you get a greater mix of people than some of the other towns we’ve visited. Whilst in town we’ve been dropping in to the Kiwi version of Wetherspoons: Speights. A particular delight is the fact that it’s next to the river so has a resident family of ducklings. Dawn soon had them eating out of the palm of her hand. Literally…


Apologies for the quality of the picture. It was taken on my phone *hangs head in shame*…

We retreated here again today as it’s a great place to sit and watch the (dripping wet) world go by. You can spot certain nationalities by how prepared they are. For example, the Japanese are fully kitted out with umbrellas and ‘pac a macs’. Europeans who’re tramping tend to be in waterproof jackets and shorts. Families tend to be accompanied by at least one teenager dressed in a soaked T-shirt and sodden shorts. Kiwis? Well, they just wear anything and get wet! I can only presume they’re pretending it’s not actually raining!

With the weather being so crap today I didn’t bother taking the camera out, so here’s a shot from yesterday.

dg316962. lake wanaka. south island. new zealand. 18.1.19crop

Lake Wanaka is so big you don’t actually get to see Wanaka town until you get to it. Here’s the view from the highway that skirts much of the lake. Wanaka’s actually out of sight to the bottom left here.

In many ways we’d have like to have stayed longer, but we’ve so much to see and do. Tomorrow we move on to Dunedin, which is a three hour plus drive from Wanaka. It doesn’t sound much by UK standards, but the roads are rather different here!