To be honest, this is a good time to be on the other side of the planet, away from a country that’s tearing itself and its economy apart thanks to the utter stupidity of its politicians and the fact so many of its citizens are completely detached from the reality of the world beyond their islands shores.

I’m talking about the UK and Brexit. I’ve just heard on the news that the inevitable has happened and Prime Minister Teresa May’s ‘deal’ has been rejected by Parliament. This is as much of a surprise as the fact the sun comes up each morning. Everyone knew it was inevitable, yet she ploughed on like the Captain of the Titanic. To continue with the nautical metaphor, the UK is in completely uncharted waters now. Parliament has given May three days to come up with a plan B. Problem is – she doesn’t have one. Neither do the Brexit fundamentalists, other than persisting with the utterly insane idea that the UK can crash out of the EU with no deal and everything will be better! Meanwhile, the  Labour party continue to provide neither opposition nor alternative leadership, never mind a plan. They also persist with the insane – the idea that a Labour Brexit will be wonderful ‘cos their unicorns are painted red, not blue.

Whilst this political madness persists, businesses are tearing their hair out. Many are activating their plans to either get the hell out of the UK, or move what business they can back into the EU. Many businesses don’t have that luxury. We’ve had 2 and a half years of political and economic uncertainty because our politicians triggered article 50 without a plan. They set the clock ticking without any though of where that would lead. Tomorrow we have no-confidence vote in the Government. What will happen next? I have no idea – and I suspect many in Parliament are in the same position.

Compounding this are the people who voted for Brexit who still don’t understand the consequences of what they voted for – or who blindly refuse to accept them. English arrogance and exceptionalism is all too tragically alive and well. ‘Johnny Foreigner’ was going to roll over for us and give us everything we wanted to when we voted leave remember? “They need us more than we need them”. We’re “taking back control”. How idiotic and arrogant those slogans sound now. Only some people still believe them, because we’re English – God’s chosen people. They still can’t accept that they’re about to be served a very large slice of humble pie they cooked themselves – and the rest of us will be forced to eat it too. Let’s just remind ourselves what some of the architects of this shambles claimed…

brexit lies

What have we achieved in the past 2 and a half years? Well, we’ve wasted billions of pounds in pursuit of the impossible (a better deal than we had) and preparing for the inconceivable (a no deal Brexit). We’ve trashed our international reputation and shown the world how utterly stupid and arrogant we can be. We’ve suffered two and a half years of political paralysis and time wasting chasing our tails rather than Parliament doing something useful and meaningful. We’ve proved that we’re governed by a bunch of political chancers, spivs and  dogmatic lightweights who put party before country – and we’ve shown that actually, the UK’s more to be pitied than feared when it comes to trying to throw its non-existent weight around on the world stage (one only has to look at the way the PM’s been side-lined on the world stage to see that).

I’ve never seen a developed nation implode through its own arrogance and incompetence before. I am now. Sadly, it’s my own country.