Today’s the last in the week where I’m based at home. It’s been a fruitful few days despite the awful weather. Staying indoors has given me time to write and to scan another hundred-odd slides from the 1990s, which has been in interesting look back in time. The pictures I’m scanning at the moment are from an open day at the old Tinsley locomotive depot in Sheffield in 1996. In those day the depot and adjacent marshalling yard were a shadow of their former selves. The depot was used by one of the BR freight sectors (Railfreight Distribution) to service their ageing Class 47 locomotives. Much of the place was taken up with stored or withdrawn examples awaiting scrapping. When RfD was bought by Wisconsin in 1995 they decided the place was surplus to requirements so the depot finally closed its doors in 1998.

Here’s a few shots from the day. You can find a dedicated gallery to the event on my Zenfolio website here. Just be aware that I’ve a lot more pictures to add to it next week!

05659. 47325. Tinsley depot open day. Sheffield. 27.4.1996crop

Class 47 No 47325 unofficially named “Red Rum” stored at Tinsley. The loco had been out of service for some years but was only officially withdrawn the previous month. It was eventually cut up a few miles down the road at CR Booths, Rotherham in May 1998.  

05638. 47291. Tinsley depot open day. Sheffield. 27.4.1996crop

47291 inside the depot, displaying the damage to the No 1 end cab that it suffered in a head-on collision with another class 47 (47200) back in November 1995. It never returned to service and languished until June 2004 when it was cut up by CF Booth, Rotherham. Collision damage was a far more common occurrence in those days, so this wasn’t an unusual sight! 

05642. 47265. Tinsley depot open day. Sheffield. 27.4.1996crop

47285 under repair inside the depot. Unlike the previous examples this loco had a longer career. It worked for Railfreight Distribution then was bought by EWS, whom it continued to work for (on and off) until 2002 when it was bought by Fragonset in November 2002. In January 2005, Fragonset and Merlin merged to form FM Rail and 47285 was cut up the month after by R Hull Rotherham. 

05647. 47525. Tinsley depot open day. Sheffield. 27.4.1996crop

47525 stands under the tower at Tinsley. This loco had a long and chequered career, It was transferred from RfD to Freightliner in January 1998. It worked for them for several years before being withdrawn and spending a long time in store before it was finally scrapped by EMR, Kingsbury in August 2010. 

My thanks to the very useful website http://www.class47.co.uk/ for the historical information on the individual locomotives.

Tomorrow I’m back on the rails heading for the NEC in Birmingham as I’m a guest at the annual Railstaff awards. I’ve not been for a couple of years, the last time I was there was to present a prize. This time I’m completely off-duty. As I’ll be staying in Birmingham tomorrow night I’ll be exploring the railways somewhere, depending on the weather – although it’s looking good for the Midlands these next couple of days, so I’ll almost certainly have a look at the Hs2 work in the city whilst I’m there. Watch out for the rolling blogs appearing.