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I’ve had another day working from home –  which has been fortunate as the weather’s been pretty mixed to –  say the least. One of the beauties of homework is that I can nip out for an afternoon constitutional when staring at a screen and a numb bum combine to force me to take time out.

Right now the woodland around where we live is at its autumnal best as the leaves have turned from green to a range of coppers and yellows, depending on the type of tree and its location. All I need now is some spare time and a sunny day to get a few pictures to really do it justice, rather than a couple of shots grabbed on my phone in the woods I’ve just walked through. Still…

Here’s the view from the edge of Halifax, looking across the Calder Valley. See what I mean about the trees?

Right now I’m down in Sowerby Bridge, taking a break from the rain before walking back up the hill to home. The weather’s closed in and the skies have opened. As a photographer, I really don’t mind the rain. OK, it could be a bugger if you were trying to shoot some picturesque calender shots, but the way light reflects off wet surfaces is a delight to play with – as are the colours. I’ll update this blog with a couple of examples later.


Here’s what I mean, these pictures just wouldn’t have the same impact if it hadn’t been raining.

DG201371. Tram 3069. Piccadilly Gardens. Manchester. 21.11.14crop

FDG2464. Tracks in the rain. Limerick Jn. 22.10.05