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Trains began running through the Calder valley again this morning after a three-day blockade which saw the new signalling commissioned and the end for the manual signal boxes at Hebden Bridge, Milner Royd Junction, Halifax and Mill Lane, Bradford.

I nipped out this afternoon to have a quick look at how things have changed by heading down to Hebden Bridge. It seemed very odd to see the grade 2 listed signal box dark and devoid of life, but hopefully not for long..

Whilst some may bemoan the changes, for ordinary passengers they’re positive. The resignalling will help raise line-speeds which will cut several minutes off journey times but also make the railway better equipped to catch up on delays. The new kit is also easier to maintain and less likely to fail, making services more reliable. Here’s a small selection of pictures highlighting the changes.


It’s alive! After sitting idle for months, the new signal by the Manchester bound platform at Sowerby Bridge is ready for business. The HG prefix to the signal number no longer refers to the signalbox controlling the signal, but the route it’s on. So, HG refers to Hebden (Bridge) to Greetland (junction). The signals actually controlled from the new ROC in York


The box at Hebden’s disconnected and dark now, but as a grade 2 listed building it will live on and there’s some interesting plans for its future.


Northern’s 158792 passes one of the new signals at Hebden Bridge on its way to Leeds.


158792 calls at Hebden Bridge, controlled by the new signalling system