Where’s the time going? Despite the very rapid passage of time we’ve had a lovely weekend at home. Saturday was taken up with a cooking marathon as Dawn and I had volunteered to prepare a variety of Thai dishes to take round to a friends house where a small group of us would have a convivial 3- course evening. Dawn cooked a Green curry with chicken, a Thai beef salad and a salmon red curry. I prepared a ‘jungle’ curry and stir-fried morning glory. Our fellow diners provided the starters and puddings.

Enjoying a great range of home-cooked Thai dishes with friends.

As the run of superb weather’s continued Dawn and I went for a stroll across the Calder Valley and on up to the Moorcock Inn where we enjoyed soaking up the sun in the pub beer garden before walking back down into Sowerby Bridge for a last drink before heading home.

Looking down on Sowerby Bridge from one of the footpaths leading to the Moorcock Inn at Norand

According to my ‘Fitbit’ it’s been an easy day, I’ve only covered 20,300 steps (9.43 miles). That’ll change tomorrow as I’m back on the rails again and heading to London first thing. So, expect a wide variety of pictures this next week…