Here’s an excellent bit of investigative journalism from Bloomberg that exposes how ‘man of the people’ Nigel Farage and a bunch of spivs who funded the Leave campaign, helped by info from polling companies made millions out of Brexit.…/brexit-big-short-how-pollsters-…

This is effectively the biggest heist in the history of the world. These people, along with others like Arron Banks have (in effect) stolen a country’s future to enrich themselves

Why ordinary people thought a bunch of millionaires and tax exiles had their backs is beyond me, but they did. These clever manipulators used data companies, their friends in the media and outright lies to press the buttons of people by appealing to their fears and prejudices. Like the proverbial turkeys voting for Xmas, they persuaded enough people to swing the vote the way they wanted.

The truly sad thing is you know that many of those conned will never admit it. Few folk like to admit they’ve been tricked, which is why conmen often get away with it. They will continue to believe in Brexit, right upp to the end, by which time it’ll be too late.