– as the old Chinese curse goes. Well, ‘interesting’ they are, although that feels a bit like having a cabin on the Titanic right now. Because, let’s face it – Brexit is lurching fom shambles to shambles. To say there’s no positive news on the potential outcome is an understatement. Both the Govt and opposition are punting ‘new’ options that have been been rejected by the EU before, but ‘cakeism’ persists.

Now it looks like the Government is about to be thrown into chaos as a senior member has announced he’s resigning. That’s right, Paul Dacre’s leaving as Editor of the Daily Mail! Oh, apparently some bloke called David Davis is likely to follow. For all the good Davis has done i’d suggest his replacement should be the tub of lard ‘Have I got news for you’ used as a stand in for Roy Hattersley many years ago.

What a f*****g shambles.