As the absolute shambles that is Brexit heads for the rocks more of its architects are jumping ship or making their excuses.

This week we’ve seen Lord Lawson, one of the leaders of the Leave campaign, apply for French residency! It’s not much of a surprise as (when he’s not screwing the UK up) that’s where he’s lived for many years. It’s a classic example of putting up two fingers to the plebs he conned into voting for Brexit. He’s exercising a right he’s denying to everyone else- the ability to live or work in the EU.

Meanwhile, pathological liar Nigel Farage is rowing back from all his claims that Brexit would be a success. Now he’s saying that he never claimed at all! On his LBC chat show, he claimed that “I never promised that it would be a huge success”. What a brass balled liar!  A few minutes on Google will produce plenty of evidence that this is exactly what he claimed, but then that’s Farage all over. He know he can claim anything and his supporters will swallow it whole.

Meanwhile, David Davis has admitted that there’s still no solution to the Irish border question. He conceded that technology cannot be used to police the border. So what’s his new fantastical ‘solution’? A ten-mile wide ‘buffer zone‘! Talk about making it up as you go along…

And there’s still no sign of the Brexit land of milk and honey these charlatans promised the poor people who were conned into voting Leave, exactly the opposite. Now restaurant chain Carluccio’s is looking at closing 30 restaurants as a result of Brexit increasing costs.


Anyone found one of the Brexit fundamentalists fabled unicorns yet? It seems that fewer and fewer people have faith they exist, as this chart of YouGov polls shows;

yougov brexit

So, how’s this claim working out for you Jeremy?

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