As each day passes it’s becoming more and more obvious what an utter shambles Brexit is. So much so that even some of its architects are starting to make their excuses and distance themselves from the looming disaster, hence Daniel Hannan, the Tory MEP being quoted in the London Evening Standard as admitting leaving the European Union is “not working out” the way it was planned.

What makes me want to bang my head on the table in frustration at this is the fact there never was a bloody plan! Brexit was always a dream that was never achievable, and Hannan is as culpable as the others in conning people by pretending Brexit could ever work. Here’s his fantasy Brexit in full flow.


Meanwhile, in the real world, the arrogance of the Brexit fundamentalists in believing “the EU needs us more than we need them” has collided with reality. The EU hasn’t rolled over in the face of the British ‘superiority’ the Brexit fundamentalists believe in. The opposite in fact, the EU’s stuck to its position on the major issues such as access to the single market and ‘bespoke’ deals, whilst the Government has clung to fantasies and keeps kicking the can down the road rather than facing up to the truth. This was summed up rather nicely by Steve Bullock (a former British EU negotiator, who’s in a position to know what he’s talking about) on Twitter…


Part of the UK’s problem is that many people just don’t realise how the Brexit shambles is seen from outside the UK. The older generation still get their views from the likes of the Daily Mail or Express, whilst many of the younger generation don’t seem to engage with  news at all. Mind you, talking of the Daily Mail, is it any wonder many people are clueless, just take a look at the Mail’s front page from yesterday, when they went full Goebbels on the news that the House of Lords had held the Government to account!


The fact that a national newspaper is describing the members of the House of Lords as “traitors in ermine” should send a shudder down the spine of any right-minded person, no matter what their political persuasion is. This is pure poison, but it’s also a reflection of the terrible political times we’re living in – as is the news from today. The Leave.EU campaign has been fined £70,000 for breaking electoral law by the Electoral Commission who’ve also referred Leave.EU chief executive Liz Bilney to the police. Are they repentant? Are they hell as like. Arron Banks called it a “politically motivated attack” which is a rich irony as that’s exactly what he’s funded – an attack on democracy!

Needless to say, the Brexit fundamentalists who claim they love democracy so much we needed to leave an ‘undemocratic’ EU are strangely silent about the obvious subversion of the democracy they’re meant to cherish.

Meanwhile, the Brexit clock continues to tick and the Brexit camp inside and outside of Government continue to cling to the delusion that everything’s going to plan. The plan they never had in the first place…