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We had some beautiful weather in Yorkshire yesterday, hours of sunshine on what’s been the warmest day of the year so far. We joined a couple of friends who live in Sowood for a ramble around the countryside where they live, high up in the Pennines. I’m still a relative newcomer to this neck of the woods so there’s still plenty of places for me to discover and yesterday was no exception. What was lovely was having a local guide. Our friend Clive has spent quite a bit of time reconnoitring the area so he had a lovely walk planned for us. One of the beauties of this part of West Yorkshire is the elevation – as you can see from the photo’s. I’m not going to describe the walk in great detail. Instead, I’ll let you enjoy the pictures.


The country lane that took us out of Sowood towards the M62, gaining height as we went. The views were superb, even thought the weather was hazy. This is a wide angle view looking back towards Halifax.


Looking across the valleys. In the middle distance is Norland Moor. Beyond that is the Calder Valley (which you can’t see – for obvious reasons), then there’s the edge of Halifax and an area called Norton Tower. Beyond that are the wind turbines on far-away Ogden Moor. 


Looking down over Sowood across to Halifax in the middle distance.



The view in the opposite direction to the last few pictures, looking across the M62 motorway, which was built across the massive earthworks that form the dam of the Scammonden Reservoir 



Would you believe that this little waterfall exists only a couple of hundred yards away from the M62 motorway? We passed through this lovely glade on our way to Scammonden




The dam that holds back the Scammonden reservoir. How many people drive along the M62 motorway atop this structure and have no idea of its size? Most, probably…




This is what the dam contains. Scammonden  reservoir’s a popular place with hikers, dog-walkers and outdoor pursuit enthusiasts as it has an outward bound centre.  




Spring is here. The massive amount of rain we’ve had these past few months mean the fields are muddy, but very, very lush. Now the trees are bursting into leaf, which means skeletal shadows like this will disappear very soon.