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There’s a lot to write about at the moment but little time to do it, so here’s a brief look at what’s coming up over the next week.

The pair of us have been based at home for the past few days. Dawn’s been on holiday which has meant I’ve taken a bit of time off in order that we could explore and have some quality time together. We rediscovered an old haunt in a new guise when we walked up to Norland Moor which is on the opposite side of the Calder Valley to where we live. On the edge of the moor is a pub called the Moorcock Inn. It’s new tenants who’re doing some really exciting things with the place – which includes both food and drink. It’s worth a blog in its own right so that’s what I’m in the process of writing – although It’ll take a few days as I’ve other priorities. But here’s a taster (literally), we walked back up to the pub today and sampled some of the food they cook in the smoke ovens which have been installed at the back of the pub. These smoky potato’s are stunning! By the way, the plates and bowls they’re served in have been made in the very same ovens the potato’s have been cooked in.

Tomorrow I’m in Crewe for the launch of a new High Speed Rail Industry Leaders Group (HSRIL) report called ‘Fast Tracking Prosperity’ which is about the benefits of HS2 Phase 2a, so expect a blog about that first.

Later in the week I intend to be in London to add to my picture library, whilst on Thursday a group of rail industry friends are meeting up in Huddersfield for a catch-up and a few drinks. I’m sure there’ll be some more rolling blogging going on…