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Well unless you’re back in Yorkshire and other parts of the North where it’s been snowing. Here in Surrey we’ve not seen any of the white stuff – just plenty of rain. Due to the weather we’ve had another relaxing day which kicked off with brunch in Farnham where the family were met by a friend and her sun for a leisurely brunch.

Afterwards we returned to Tilford where the local pub (the Barley Mow) was having an event to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Royal Air Force. The Farnham Brass band played in the beer garden whilst inside a variety of musicians, singers and dancers entertained in the warm and dry! I had to feel sorry for the brass band as the conditions were less than ideal. With Easter being late this year you would have hoped for better weather, but then – that’s bank holidays for you! Here’s a few pictures from the pub.


The fact the beer garden’s empty and the band are wrapped up warm gives the (weather) game away…


Good job ‘Singing in the Rain’ was part of the bands repertoire!

The weather may not have defeated the brass band but it certainly encouraged us to retreat into the warmth of the pub where we stayed to hear ‘The bunker girls‘ (who’d come all the way from the Isle of Wight) belt out a few old tunes.


‘The bunker girls’ belt out a few tunes…

We’re enjoying another foodie evening tonight as we’re off to a Thai restaurant in Guildford…