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Is it my imagination or has this been an unusually wet start to the year? I’m not a very good judge of this as, normally I’m never in the country in January! It’s the month Dawn and I take off to head to sunnier shores, but for a whole host of reasons we’ve stayed in the UK this time, which means I’m experiencing weather I wouldn’t normally see. Admittedly, living in the Pennines doesn’t exactly help as it’s not known for being the driest part of the country. It has its own microclimate where it can be pissing down here in the Calder valley but dry as a bone in the Colne valley only a few miles next door. Today’s a typical example. After a rare day of beautiful, invigorating sunshine I opened the bedroom blind to be confronted with low leaden clouds obscuring the valley tops opposite whilst isolated wispy puffs sit, sluggishly, over Sowerby Bridge below. It’s a monotone view that’s not helped by the last of Wednesdays snow clinging to the valley sides. Oh, for a palm-fringed beach right now!


Not exactly the skies that inspired Turner – or Ashley Jackson!

I shouldn’t complain too much. In a month’s time I’ll be in India and dreary weather like this is a good excuse to stay in and catch up on all those chores that’ve been piling up. But first, coffee (and breakfast in bed for the missus)…