It’s been one of those days! I’m heading to London but the trip’s not been without hiccups. The day started well. Despite all the cars on our road being covered in frost the temperature seemed quite mild and my walk to the station was slip-free and pleasant. Halifax is quiet at 06:30, so there’s little to disturb your thoughts – which makes a nice change! The station was quieter than normal too, mainly because it’s another Northern Rail strike day, but as I was using Grand Central I wasn’t bothered. One of their ‘new’ ex-GWR sets arrived (on time) to take me South but my plans were immediately thrown into confusion as the wifi was up the spout.

I normally use trains as mobile offices as much as anything else and factor in wifi as a vital part of the service. However, every cloud has a silver lining, so not being glued to my laptop screen meant I could savour the view from the window. Yorkshire looked beautiful. The landscape was covered in thick frost, lakes were frozen and a sense of stillness was palpable. To cap it off the sunrise through a cloudless sky was sublime, it illuminated the contrails of a gaggle of airliners all heading East towards Europe, leaving me wondering where each one was actually heading for. Sadly, the experience was marred when I got to Doncaster as a cab fault led to my train being cancelled! Grand Central did their best to provide an alternative by arranging for a Sunderland – Kings Cross service running 10 mins behind us to stop & scoop everyone up but I decided to wait for an hour and catch the next Southbound Bradford. My unexpected break gave me time to use the station internet access which was just as well as the 08:31 was another former GWR 180 without wifi! 

Now I’m heading through Cambridgeshire, typing this on my phone. The stunning weather we had up North came to an abrupt end when we met a solid wall of cloud North of Peterborough. It’s dull misty and rather depressing here, which is a shame. Still, let’s see what London brings…