I’ve managed to escape Yorkshire today and take a break (away from the gales and dismal, wet weather) in London to catch up with some of the exciting new rail developments in the capital. Network Rail have been busy over the holiday period. London Bridge station now has all its platforms open and the capital’s weather’s meant to be good – so it’s time to take my camera for its first outing of 2018.

Despite the gales, the East Coast Main Line’s running OK, the ‘knitting’ (or overhead electric power lines as they’re known as by non rail folk) has remained in place for a change and my Grand Central service is powering South at a rate of knots.

It feels a little odd to still be in the UK in January, knowing I’m not going to be feeling the warm sun on my skin for a few months yet, but there’s a lot for me to do over the next few weeks. Watch this space tomorrow when I’ll be explaining what I’m up to and asking for your help…

In the meantime, expect some pictures to arrive on my photo website later today.