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Finally, I’ve found a few minutes to blog. I’m sitting on a train from Leeds to Derby to meet up with a fellow ACoRP judge (Paul Cook of the Royal Horticultural Society) before we go looking at stations that are entered in the ‘It’s Your Station’ section of the community rail awards.

It’s been a hectic month, which is why I’ve not had any time to blog. The only writing I’ve been doing has been for a living. There’s one article on the 3 peaks by rail event in this weeks RAIL magazine and another on a Welsh railway line is in preparation. I’ve also been busy getting pictures from around the country for ACoRP’s ‘Scenic rail Britain’ website (which you can find here). All this has meant most of my time has been taken up by travelling, picture editing or writing – not that I’m complaining! I’ve had a wonderful time visiting some great places. Here’s a sample, the beautiful Borders railway in Scotland.

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The next couple of weeks will be taken up by the awards judging. We’ve stations all over the England to visit, so it’s quite time-consuming. After that I should be able to spend more time at home – but then, I’ve said that before. In this job, you never know what’s going to come up next!