Parliaments craven cowardice by caving in the ‘will of the people’ (well the 37% of all voters who were allowed to and voted to leave the EU) without securing the rights of EU citizens who’re residing in the UK is one of the most shameful chapters in recent political history. It’s created millions of hostages. EU citizens whom have had the right to live, work and settle in the UK for 40 years now face years of uncertainty – and growing levels of intolerance and abuse. How the hell have we come to this?

The UK calls itself a thriving democracy, yet it sinks to depths of political cowardice and cynicism where it’s Government in prepared to use people who’ve contributed to its success for decades as human bargaining chips. If this wasn’t bad enough, what happens to them if (as is looking increasingly likely) we crash out of the EU in ‘hard Brexit’?

The UKs reputation for tolerance and fairness (all those attributes Brexit fans love to boast about) is in tatters, frankly. Many EU citizen are leaving, or planning to leave, leaving us poorer culturally and financially. We will find them hard to replace. After all, why would anyone come to a country that’s clearly and very publically thrown away the welcome mat as it sinks more and more into isolationism, xenophobia and downright fantasy?

Meanwhile, the hard political realities that the Remain campaign warned about but were labelled ‘project fear’ by the Leave campaign are coming home to roost. The break-up of the union is looking increasingly likely. The Scots are looking at a second independence referendum. In Northern Ireland, Sinn Fein have called for a referendum on joining Eire. The Irish border problem is one Quitters  have resolutely refused to deal with, preferring to stick their heads in the sand rather than tackle it. It’s a timebomb that won’t go away.

More and more we seem to be living in a political fantasy world. We always said Breixiters didn’t have a plan. They never had. All the promises of what wouldn’t happen, all the claims that we’d still have access to the single market et al were hollow. Now, the ‘plan’ seems to be to crash out of the EU, and blame the EU for it! It’s the political equivalent of ‘a big boy did it and ran away’.

The old World War 1 adage needs to be updated for the modern age. Now we’re donkeys led by donkeys.