One of the things about travelling is that it gives you chance to observe other countries political systems and problems. As a Briton, I come from a long established Parliamentary democracy that appeared both mature, and stable. I could look at countries like Thailand – with its long history of takeovers by the military, or Sri Lanka – increasingly run as a family business – and be grateful my country couldn’t be taken over like that.

How wrong I was.

Brexit, and the takeover of the Labour party by the hard left, has changed everything. The country is set on a course to crash out of the EU in the most damaging way possible – both politically and economically – and her majesty’s opposition are actually colluding in it!

Let’s be clear. The biggest losers from Brexit won’t be the multi-millionaires who funded the leave campaign. They’ve already gained from the weakness in Sterling and they’ll gain even more from the Govts plans to turn the UK into a low-tax refuge. The people who will be hurt most will be their poor foot-soldiers. The turkeys who voted for Christmas through a breath-taking series of lies, like the infamous £350m written on the side of a bus and years of disinformation about immigration and the EU. The less well-off (both in terms of finance and education) are going to bear the brunt of the cuts, the economic slowdown and the rises in prices that we’re already seeing. Yet, many of them still support Brexit, because they still believe in the lies and can’t see what’s coming as the newspapers they read are feeding them more lies and diverting their attention from the real problems.

Meanwhile, we have the Labour party, the very party set up to protect these people, colluding in their downfall. Why?

Because the Labour party is dominated by the hard Left whose rigid dogma sees those people as collateral damage in the age old struggle against capitalism. They’ve held on to the old dictum that the people won’t rise up and throw off their chains until they’ve been sufficiently oppressed! Those on the Left are supporting Brexit because they believe the coming disaster will ruin the Tories and an outraged populous will then sweep Labour to power. Politically, it’s a scorched-earth policy from dogmatists who’ve always seen people as a political concept – a theory, not actual human beings. It’s bat-shit crazy of course, but that’s dogmatists for you. Ignore the fact that Corbyn’s about as popular as a fart in a spacesuit with most voters and that the Labour party no longer seems fit for purpose. It’ll all come good in the end when the working classes have reached tipping point and the scales drop from their eyes…

Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a lot of good people in the Labour party, but they’re not the ones in charge. The hard-left lunatics have taken over the asylum.

Meanwhile, even pragmatic Tories are concerned at this turn of events. I’ve never subscribed to the dogmatists view that Labour=Good and Tories=Bad. Their are decent folk on both sides. The biggest difference nowadays is that it seems the Tories are more likely to vote with their conscience than on party lines. It’s Labour MPs who’ve lost their backbones. It’s a sad state of affairs when it’s the politicians of a previous generation – the Thatcher era (Blair, Major, Heseltine and Clarke) who’re the eloquent and logical voices.

Brexit has shown that in the 21st Century it’s frighteningly easy to subvert a long-established democracy if you have the money and metrics to do it – and the opposition is weak, dogmatic and stuck in another time. It speaks volumes that in 2017 it’s the unelected 2nd chamber of the House of Lords that’s the backbone of our democracy, not the elected MPs in the Commons! We have an awful situation where May’s government is so entrenched she sacks Heseltine for dissent, Labour’s left calls for MPs who don’t back Corbyn to be de-selected and the Brexit mob call anyone who doesn’t slavishly follow their hard line ‘traitors’ (so, that’s most of us then).

It’s shocking, and frightening. Many can see what’s about to happen, many more don’t seem to either care, or understand. What’ll happen when the turkeys finally realise it’s Christmas Eve? I’m not sure I want to stick around and find out…