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I’m taking an enforced break in Mumbai airport between flights. I have to say, this place has improved immeasurably over the years, it’s a world-class airport nowadays (and so charging ‘world class’ prices for food and drink!).  Still, it’s an opportunity to catch up with the world as they offer an hours worth of free wifi – and it’s fast. It’s allowed me to upload a few dozen more pictures of my travels onto my Zenfolio website, which you can find here.

Despite the cost of eating, the airports facilities are pretty good. Security was a breeze, there’s plenty of seating and lots of places to recharge phones, laptops etc. Even the mood muzak is enjoyable as it’s based on Indian classical. The lights are rather groovy too. They’re based on the lotus flower and depict them at various stages of opening. There’s even a loo with a view. One of the Gents toilets has windows above the urinals that look out over the aircaft bays so you can plane-spot whilst you pee!


My temporary office for the next couple of hours. You can just see my camera bag by the row of screens!

Right, I’m off to get more pics like this while I have the chance…