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Despite being thousands of miles away from the UK I’ve been keeping up with the latest Brexit madness back at home. And truly, madness it is. It seems like the majority of MPs have metamorphosed into a strange cross between lemmings and invertebrates as they  spinelessly vote for a course off action (Hard Brexit) that will see our country jump off an economic cliff. “But we’re respecting the will of the people” they cry.


Funny that, because one of the architects of the Leave campaign, Dominic Cummings, has admitted that they only reason leave won was because they lied to people. Remember that “£350m a week for the NHS” lie?. This piece from the London Economic makes fascinating reading.

So, when MPs say ‘respect the will of the people’, what they’re actually saying is “respect a non-binding referendum vote that was narrowly won by blatantly lying”. That is not democracy. Not by a long chalk. That’s the sort of ‘democracy’ that politicians acquiesced to in the 1930s – and we all know where that got us…

So why do so few MPs have the backbone to stand up and admit the truth? Nowadays, I have far more respect for Tory rebels like Anna Soubry than I do for many Labour MPs (including my own) who’ve rolled over, seemingly out of fear of losing their own seats. It won’t help them. The Labour bloodbath is inevitable – it’s just a question of which direction it comes from. I would have hoped I’d have seen a principled fight, going down with honour in the hope of coming back with it too. Instead, we’ve got ’50 shades of UKIP’.

To add further insult, we have Jeremy Corbyn, the serial rebel who’s defied the Labour whip more than any other Labour MP, insisting that ‘his’ MPs vote FOR article 50. Afterwards he had the gall to tweet this;


No Jeremy. The ‘real’ fight started as soon as the referendum was called, but you bottled that one. Most of us suspect you bottled it because we know that you never wanted us to stay in the EU anyway as it doesn’t fit with your dogmatic socialist view of the world. Despite the fact the vast majority of Labour MPs & members were pro EU, you ignored the majority view you claim to espouse in favour of your own beliefs. If you hadn’t ,we wouldn’t be in this mess now. So, please, stick your hypocrisy where the sun doesn’t shine. You blew the chance to stick up for all the things you mention in that tweet, so don’t try it on now.

‘Take back control’ they said. Never has a slogan seemed more empty – especially in what are supposedly the corridors of power.