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The run of unseasonal wet weather continues here in Southern Thailand. Torrential rain arrived in the early hours of the morning and, although its strength abated several hours ago, it’s still raining now at 1.50pm. I’ve never known anything like it in all the years I’ve been coming to this part of the world. I’ve cut my cloth accordingly and spent the day catching up on the news – which frankly, is as depressing as the weather here.

What the hell is going on with politics in the UK? Both Labour and the Tories seem to have taken leave of their senses. Firstly, there was Teresa May’s blustering speech on Brexit in which she called for the country to unite behind her in her economically suicidal pursuit of ‘hard’ Brexit. Has the woman lost her mind? I only have one answer for her. Like hell I will!

As if that wasn’t patronising enough, she showed how little she actually understands about negotiating by threatening the EU. ‘Give us a good deal or I’ll turn the UK into a low tax Singapore on your doorstep’ she claimed. Meanwhile, good old Boris insulted French President Hollande by accusing his country of wanting to inflict “WW2 style punishment beatings” on the UK (see video here). This man is meant to be a diplomat for God’s sake! No wonder the UK’s Civil Service is in despair as the FCO is led by a blundering clown. The UK political scene is rapidly descending into low farce. It’s ‘Carry on Brexit’.

Needless to say, our European neighbours response was far more mature. They ignored the threats and promptly burst May’s bubble by pointing out a few practical political and economic realities (see here).

Meanwhile, what’s the reaction of Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader of the Labour party and allegedly the main ‘opposition’ party? Remember that the overwhelming majority of Labour voters and MPs supported remaining in the UK. So, Corbyn obviously supports that position and the democratic mandate it gives him to represent his party’s wishes, no? Like hell! Corbyn is going to impose a three line whip on his MPs to make sure they don’t oppose triggering Article 50!

We now have the bizarre situation that the majority of the UKs political establishment is rushing headlong into imposing Brexit on the country, despite only 37% of the electorate having voted for it. Not only that, but even many Leave campaign luminaries were swearing blind that a vote for Brexit didn’t mean that we’d be leaving the single market. Like all their other claims, that was a lie too – and here’s the evidence.

No wonder Britain has become the laughing stock of Europe. Our politics have descended into a farce and the majority of the electorate are being shafted by a vociferous, kamikaze minority who don’t seem to have the mental wherewithal to see what’s coming their way. It’s akin to steerage passengers on the Titanic urging the Captain to go faster & damn the icebergs. What’s equally baffling are the ones who do have the critical faculties to appreciate the situation that’s facing us, but prefer not to and sing ‘always look on the bright side of life’ instead.

Meanwhile,  I’m observing the UK circus from Thailand and wondering whether my long-term future lies outside that particular tent…