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I’ve not blogged about the anti Hs2 campaign for a little while. This is because – to all intents & purposes – it’s pretty much ceased to exist. There’s been no point in highlighting a crazy campaigner of the week as their social media campaign is full of crazies now all the sensible ones have given up or moved on. I’d be better off trying to award a sensible campaigner of the week.

The two remaining campaign groups (StopHs2 and Hs2aa) have a desultory presence on social media nowadays. StopHs2 manage a few ineffectual tweets a week but Hs2aa have only tweeted 10 times this year. Why they bother is a mystery as pictures of allegedly ’empty’ trains have never got them anywhere anyway. They’ve not even managed to mention the fate of their final legal action which should have been heard by the UN yesterday.

Over the years we were lead to believe there were (allegedly) millions of disgruntled voters directly affected by Hs2 who were itching to stop the project. Needless to say, these imaginary friends never appeared. This weeks announcement that the 3rd reading of the Hybrid Bill is on the 23rd is a great example.

One MP, the shy and retiring member for Lichfield, Michael Fabricant (are you sure this is right? Ed) took to Twitter to announce he was going to present a motion to annul the Hs2 Hybrid bill on the 23rd. Here’s the wording;

Fab amendment

OK, the motion is a complete crock that doesn’t stand a chance, but you’d think that the antis would be ganging up to congratulate & support him. After all, he has over 16,000 Twitter followers so you’d think the news would be spreading like wildfire through the Twitterverse, yes?

Nope. It’s two day since Fabricant tweeted his joyous news. Here’s how many people have liked it or retweeted it;

Fabricant. 11.3.16.

A paltry 27 retweets and 16 likes shows just how parlous the state of the anti Hs2 campaign is nowadays. Still, it goes to show what I’ve always said, the anti Hs2 mob have relied on their imaginary friends and never understood that -as they can’t vote, they’re worse than useless.

Still, there’s one good thing about Fabricant’s motion. It will expose just how few MPs actively oppose Hs2 and may actually hasten the end of the StopHs2 campaign.