Remember the heady days before the general election? UKIP were convinced they’d win seats in the Chilterns as they’d done a volte face on their 2010 manifesto promise to build 3 high speed lines to oppose Hs2. They even produced this cartoon;

Farage Hs2

The stophs2 campaign had conned UKIP into believing Hs2 was a vital election issue and ran a risible ‘no votes for you with Hs2’ campaign. It was complete hogwash of course. The truth is that (even in the Chilterns) the only people who really care about Hs2 either live directly in its path or are just outside the compensation zone.

The 2015 election was a disaster for both sides as it exposed both were writing cheques neither could cash.

Despite this, both sides still cling to the same fictions. UKIP still think opposing Hs2 will win them votes & the anti Hs2 mob still pretend they’ve electoral clout. So last nights result in the local elections in Chesham (a supposed stophs2 stronghold) will come as a nasty reality-check for both sides.


Meanwhile, over in Lichfield (another supposed anti hs2 stronghold & seat of Michael Fabricant, one of the few MPs to actively oppose Hs2), this was the result;

Lichfield result

Let’s see how the anti Hs2 mob explain these – other than by studiously ignoring them…