Talk about the gift that keeps on giving…

The anti Hs2 mob are working themselves up into a right royal tizzy about flooding East of Leeds on the route that Hs2 will take into the city. Their common refrain is that this flooding proves the route is untenable. After all, who knew a flood plain would flood? Well, everybody but the anti Hs2 mob it seems. Here’s a selection of their tweets.

Davies flood

Cutler floods

Brown fllod

Appleyard flood

The last tweet with the drone view is the most interesting – and the most telling. What the anti Hs2 mob don’t say is that Hs2 will be passing through the flooded area on a 2335m long viaduct which will be between 11 and 4 metres above ground level. Plus, see that narrow (unflooded) strip of land to the right of Woodlesford lock? That’s where the new viaduct will go – off into the distance.

Once again, the anti Hs2 campaign have managed to shoot themselves in the foot – this time with both barrels.

Still, don’t take my word for it. Here’s the drawings from Hs2 Ltd!

hs2 fllod map

If you want to examine the actual map in greater detail (which includes elevations etc) click on this link.

Unsurprisingly, the anti Hs2 mob refuse to answer a simple question. How would such a viaduct be “submerged under floods”?