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For years the anti Hs2 campaign has peddled the lie that no-one wants Hs2. To reinforce the claim they search out & share any newspaper clickbait poll they can find so they that can rig it to give a result in their favour. They then parade these as ‘evidence’ that the UK universally rejects Hs2.

So, you can imagine their consternation when the Sheffield Star (with the backing of the City Council) not only supports Hs2 but also starts a campaign to get the station moved from Meadowhall into the city centre! You can find it here.

Such heresy couldn’t go unchallenged, so the Hs2 antis jumped in with both feet. In this case the feet belonged to Stop Hs2 Campaign Manager Joe Rukin & the unpleasant and libelous Camden Nimby, Peter Jones. Here’s a selection of their tweets.

DD Sheff 1

Rukin Sheff1


Bonkers, isn’t it? Why Warwickshire based Rukin or Camden Nimby Jones think the good burghers and residents of Sheffield will be swayed by their ranting is beyond rational thought, but then the anti Hs2 campaign and common sense have always been strangers. Their campaign is as mad as a box of frogs nowadays as any sensible people deserted it a long time ago.

Meanwhile, the rest of the anti Hs2 campaign continues to unravel. The Hs2 Hybrid Bill committee have gone into overdrive with the intention of seeing off the remaining petitions early in the new year. Hs2aa have gone strangely quiet, considering their final legal action should have been heard over the past couple of days. Nothing has been heard from them for 10 days now and to add to their woes their website has been hacked again!


One can only wonder how far into 2016 the increasingly shambolic anti Hs2 campaign organisations will limp along.