Many years ago, when I first turned freelance & ditched my job in housing I had a cartoon over my desk at home. It was of a chap wearing a paper hat, clutching a glass of wine and standing in front of a mirror. He was talking to himself, saying “the only problem with working from home is the office Xmas party is crap”. It really tickled me as it summed up the situation many freelances find themselves in this time of year.

I’m reminded of this because I’m currently on my way to an office party with a difference. Modern Railways magazine Editor Jim Abbott has invited me to join himself and other regular contributors to the magazine on their Xmas bash aboard a Great Western Railways train from London to Bristol. Our little gathering has very kindly been arranged by GWR MD Mark Hopwood & his staff, who are hosting us for the second year running.

I’ll be back in London again tomorrow to join both railway and media colleagues at the annual Railway Carol Service at St Mary’s Somers Town, Eversholt St  (which in aid of the Transport Benevolent Fund). It starts at 12:30, should any of you want to join us.

Maybe the Xmas party season isn’t so bad after all…