My apologies for the lack of blogs recently. This has been due to a couple of factors. One was my hectic schedule at the excellent ACoRP awards last week & the volume of pictures it generated. The other was far less enjoyable: My laptop gave up the ghost.

I’d been meaning to upgrade it for some time but never had the downtime where I could do it. Sadly, a software update caused major problems that it didn’t recover from. The bugger is – this happened just before a data backup…

The poorly machine was on a service contract so it’s being looked after & refurbished by PCWorld. This left me with Plan B – an older Sony Vaio which has kept me going (ish) for the past week. Then, yesterday – this arrived.


I have to say I’m rather impressed with the Dell XPS13 – although it’s been a slog to upload all the software & get it photography ready & able to take on the road. This has left me little time for blogging as I’ve also got a business to keep running. After all, something had to take a back seat…

Now I’m almost there – so expect blogs to start appearing again.