I’m up at this ungodly hour as I’m heading down to Torquay for the ACoRP community rail awards which are being held in the resort tomorrow.

Right now Dawn, Hazel & I are heading across the damp and foggy Pennines to Manchester on the first leg of the trip. This time of morning it’s actually possible to get a seat on a Trans-Pennine train from Huddersfield, which is a rare luxury nowadays. For the next leg of the trip we’ll be in the hands of Cross-country. This time of day they run a train from Manchester direct to Torquay which will become our mobile office for the next few hours.

Tonight we’ve got a networking event to look forward which has been organised by GWR, so expect one or two pictures of the evening to appear later…

Tomorrow’s ACoRP awards will showcase some of the fantastic work community rail volunteers, organisations & TOCs are doing around the country. I’ll post links to the winners on Friday.