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There’s always been a deeply unpleasant side to the anti Hs2 campaign. It’s not just their willingness to lie and deceive, it’s the darker side. This manifests itself in their xenophobic & racist tendencies and willingness to use threats & intimidation. A good example of their bigotry has surfaced on the Facebook page of ‘Yorkshire doesn’t buy Hs2’


This unpleasant little group group appears to be run by UKIP supporters. Of course UKIP have been heavily involved with the StopHs2 campaign as (cynically) they saw it as a way of snatching votes. UKIP dropped its 2010 manifesto pledge to build three high-speed rail lines as they’d been conned by the anti Hs2 campaign into believing there was mass opposition to Hs2 & so lots of votes to harvest by opposing Hs2. Of course, the reality was very different & UKIP failed to gain a single seat in any area that Hs2 will pass through. Despite the general election humiliation, it’s clear UKIP & the StopHs2 campaign are still working together through groups like this. Not that it’s doing them much good, this Yorkshire group only has around 250 followers. Truth be told, there’s bugger all opposition to Hs2 in Yorkshire. There’s only a couple of anti ‘action’ groups in the county, neither of which are very active.

Rather typically, when I drew attention to this bigoted nonsense there was a deafening silence from anti Hs2 campaigners. Not a single one condemned it. Instead, one of the usual suspects (fond of resorting to bigotry himself) tried to accuse me of faking it, which is rather stupid when the post is still displayed on this groups Facebook page for all to see!

DD bigotry

I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions about what this says about the anti Hs2 campaign, its members and their tactics…