One of the lessons the anti Hs2 campaign is learning the hard way is that faking your levels of support won’t help you, but it will come back to bite you on the arse. Hs2 antis have lied to themselves (and the public) for years by fiddling clickbait newspaper polls to pretend there’s greater opposition to Hs2 than there is. Another favourite method is to pack your Twitter account with fake followers – either by buying followers or following dubious accounts.

Here’s a great example. The pious & libelous Peter Jones of the Pan Camden Alliance loves to lecture me about pictures of “the laydees” as he calls them because I made a fool of their campaign by taking this shot of an off-message anti Hs2 protester outside Parliament.

V sign

Of course, what Jones neglects to mention is some of the unsavoury & even downright pornographic accounts he has in his Twitter followers list! For example…

DD followers

Then there’s…

dd followers 2

Obviously, both these young ‘laydees’ are deeply concerned about Hs2 and are hanging on Jones’s every word. After all, why else would they follow him? Here’s some more of his followers.

DD followrs 3

Supposedly, opposition to Hs2 is so international even Brazilians want to stop it! You can find more of Jones’s imaginary friends and opposers of Hs2 by perusing his Twitter account.

If anyone could be bothered to analyse all of Jones’s followers I’d bet they’ll find there’s only a small percentage who could have any real influence on the Hs2 debate which is why he’s wasting his (& everyone else’s) time. It’s the same with most antis accounts. They’re very incestuous. They all follow each other in order to boost their follower count. Talking about preaching to the converted…

Of course this laughable hypocrisy and ridiculous attempt to pretend the anti Hs2 campaign’s bigger then it is has backfired on them. It’s allowed them to fool themselves into thinking they’re actually doing something meaningful when, in reality, all they’re doing is wasting their time ranting into space – or at each other. The lesson they’re teaching is too late to save their campaign, but it can serve as a valuable lesson to other campaigns in the future. Cheats never prosper.