Hs2 has had a huge amount of media coverage in the past couple of days thanks to George Osborne’s trip to China and him firing the starting pistol on the bidding process for nearly £12bn’s worth of contracts.

Needless to say, anti Hs2 campaigners have had the chance to put their (skewed) side of the story too, especially on the BBC, which gives pressure groups undue prominence for the sake of ‘balance’ without ever explaining just what a minority view they are.

In light of all this publicity I thought is would be interesting to see if the anti Hs2 campaign had been revitalised on social media. The answer (surprise surprise) is – No.

Here’s a look at the ‘scores on the doors’ before the announcement with those for today. The first set is Twitter followers, the second Facebook followers


Need I say more?

That said, when you look at the StopHs2 Facebook page you can see why people steer clear. David Icke would feel very at home here…