You have to laugh! The anti Hs2 campaign claims that it’s overwhelming public support, yet their dwindling band of followers have to gang together to fiddle a local newspaper poll to swing the result in their direction!

The poll is in the online edition of the Midlands based Express & Star. You can find it here.

Obviously upset that it wasn’t going in their favour antis started circulating the details on Twitter & urged each other to register a vote. Here’s some of the tweets.


Why two folks from the Chilterns & Camden think a clickbait poll in a local Midlands newspaper will Stop Hs2 is a mystery, but it does show they’re desperate to maintain the fiction that there’s active support for their cause. Of course, the irony is – they could get all their supporters to sign & it still wouldn’t amount to anything.

Here’s an example of why from another of their troll Twitter account ‘Hs2 Facts’ (an oxymoron if ever there was one!). This has been doing the rounds for around 18 months & garnered a humongous total of err – 203 votes!


Far from doing anything to stop Hs2 all these futile attempts do is highlight how little support the anti Hs2 campaign has. Still they provide yet more material for anyone who wants to know how NOT to run a social media campaign!

Of course, all this is a silly sideshow. It might give the antis a warm glow but what really matters is what’s happening in Westminster today. Polls aren’t going to have any impact on the Hs2 Additional Provisions debates. Nor will they make any different to the Hybrid Bill Committee who continue to tick off the list of petitions. Still, it does show the gulf in ambitions & influence. Hs2 Ltd are having a day in Parliament whilst the anti Hs2 mob are doing nothing other than trying to fiddle a regional newspaper poll!

Now StopHs2 have got in on the act, advertising the poll via their Facebook page.

stophs2 fiddle

What will be very interesting to see is how many of these 6649 supposed’activists’ actually bother.!