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As expected, Jeremy Corbyn has been elected as new Labour party leader – with an unexpectedly huge majority. This has wrong-footed a number of people (including Corbyn himself it seems). Amongst those people are the opposition to Hs2 who’ve desperately been looking for a new messiah ever since UKIP left them in the lurch. I’ve blogged about this search before.

Now Corbyn is in the antis have been trying to read the runes and, as usual, they’ve made a complete horlicks of it. Take a look at this speculative nonsense from StopHs2.

To be fair to them, they’re not the only ones. In what appears to be a good example of cut and paste journalism, the BBC have cobbled together a factually incorrect version of Corbyn’s views which has been lifted from the Guardian. See point 2 in the link which claims;


The Guardian’s original story was based on a speech Corbyn was supposedly meant to make but never actually delivered and the BBC have never bothered checking what’s really been said or published since.

This is rather unfortunate as Corbyn gave an interview about Hs2 that completely contradicted this view to Meridian TV during a rally at Southampton recently.

If more evidence were needed, there’s also Corbyn’s policy paper on rail renationalisation where he mentions this:


Does anyone seriously believe that a man who wants to “Stimulate the economy by increasing investment in new high speed rail, creating jobs and connecting more towns and cities” is then going to scrap Hs2 & set such plans back by a decade at least?

Stophs2 also grasp the forlorn hope that the newly appointed Shadow Chancellor will somehow stop Hs2. What they neglect to look at is that McDonnell voted against Hs2 on purely local issues which are now largely resolved. In his words “I cannot vote for the Bill tonight—I will be voting for the reasoned amendment—because I must be one of the few MPs who does not know what is going to happen in his constituency.” Now he’s Shadow Chancellor he has other issues to consider.

To add to the anti Hs2 mobs woes, Corbyn has appointed Nottingham South MP Lilian Greenwood as Shadow Transport Minister. Not only is Lilian an excellent & popular choice – she’s also a very strong supporter of Hs2. She made this clear again yesterday on the BBC (who appear not to have noticed). Of course, another bonus is she replaces the previous incumbent, the awful Michael Dugher…

All this means the anti Hs2 mobs search for the new Messiah is over. They’ve run out of candidates. I predict a wailing & gnashing of teeth of biblical proportions when the penny finally drops!