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The combination of Hs2 and crazy UKIP supporters has always been a powerful one but the parties abject humiliation in the general election has meant most crazy kippers have crawled back under their rocks. However, today one has thrown their tinfoil hat away and tweeted this gem!


As this one shows, Kippers have never let facts get in the way of their crazy EU paranoia. The ability to deliberately misunderstand what an EU Directive really is isn’t unusual in their world. Unluckily for them the UK electorate saw through them & halved the number of MPs they have.

Hopefully, the party will have disappeared through a combination of internecine warfare and the attentions of the Grim Reaper* by the next election.

*The Grim Reaper should be the party’s logo due to the fact their age demographic is mostly on the wrong side of 65…