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One would have thought Green party leader Natalie Bennett might have learned lessons from her disastrous LBC ‘brain fade’ interview. But it seems not. Now she been caught bang to rights lazily re-tweeting complete & utter crap because she can’t be bothered to check her facts or learn her brief (sound familiar?)

Yesterday poor Nat re-tweeted this load of cobblers on Hs2;


What? Hs2 ‘unlawful’? That’s one hell of a claim Natalie! I mean – you did actually read the link the the article in the Camden New Journal before retweeting this steaming pile of ordure, didn’t you?

Obviously not…

Because this is what it actually says in the CNJ:



Yep, Sir Tim Lankester was talking about the Pergau Dam. Not Hs2! Admittedly, the error is compounded by lazy journalism as there’s a distinct lack of any end quotation marks, but the meaning should be clear to anyone with a reasonable command of English

There’s plenty on the Pergau Dam scandal in this Guardian article.


In contrast, Hs2 is a project with Cross party support that’s been vetted by Parliament numerous times. The Hs2 Hybrid Bill was passed democratically by 452 MPs. To try & compare it with arms for aid is (quite frankly) stupid. Oh, and one more thing.  If Natalie Bennett’s brain wasn’t stuck in neutral yet again she might just possibly have paused & thought, ‘hang on, there’s been numerous Judicial Reviews of Hs2 – why have none of them picked this bombshell up’?

Instead, she’s let the anti Hs2 mob make her complicit in their deception -and she’s conned the 50 people who’ve either liked or re-tweeted this crap.

If the Green party want to be taken seriously in politics, either Natalie Bennett is going to have to seriously raise her game – or the Greens are going to have to find a better leader…