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Tomorrow there may (or may not) be some media attention paid to a few elderly Lords publishing their report on Hs2, one of whom is a notorious climate change sceptic, Lord Lawson – not the sort of man to endorse green rail travel!

Whatever, I’m sure those opposed to Hs2 will be going into absolute paroxysms over it as we’re in the run up to an election and they’re desperate for some good news.

So, let’s have a little reality check, shall we?

The Hs2 Hybrid Bill was voted through by a massive majority of 452 MPs of all parties.

Hs2 is supported by all the major political parties – regardless of political persuasion.

Hs2 is supported by the ‘core cities’ group consisting of Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham & Sheffield.


Let’s also remember what political & economic powerhouses those cities are.

Hs2 is also supported by the CBI, the British Chambers of Commerce & local government.

Billions of pounds of city regeneration schemes in London, Leeds, Manchester & Birmingham are riding on the back of Hs2, not to mention the thousands of jobs & wealth those will create.

Now, what was all that fuss about four unelected Lords?

Needless to say, I’ll be casting a critical eye over their report in the fullness of time…

In the meantime, Labour have come straight out and said the Lords report alters nothing!


UPDATE: 25th March.

The furore has been strangely muted. Of course, the usual suspects have worked themselves into a frenzy, but I wonder how many of them have actually looked at a copy of the report? Hardly any, I’ll bet. Some sections of the media have reached for their book of trite phrases (Hs2 is ’embattled’), but what’s absolutely classic is judging the language of the hysterical antis with the words of the Committee’s Chair, Lord Hollick who has described their view in measured terms thus:” We are not (yet) convinced of the need for Hs2″

This is immediately run through the anti Hs2 spin machine to become (take your pick) “The House of Lords has” -‘damned/trashed/debunked/annihilated’ the case for Hs2. So, no hysteria there then!