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Today’s the 5th anniversary of the launch of Hs2 & also a delicious irony that shows how the only folk who really worry about Hs2 are the people who live on the route.

For years anti Hs2 campaigners have launched petition after petition, trying to drum up opposition to the project & show how many people support them.

They’ve been a disaster. Here’s their best effort;


All they’ve shown is the opposite. Each time they launch a new one, the numbers fall off. Some of the petitions have been given months to run & still got bugger all signatures. Yet anti’s assure us that the ‘majority’ oppose Hs2.

Then, today,the news breaks about Jeremy Clarkson’s ‘fracas’ & suspension by the BBC. Within the space of a few hours, 350,000 sign a petition to have him reinstated.


It puts the anti Hs2 mobs claims of mass public support into perspective, doesn’t it?