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Another double dose of blogging today. First there was the High-Speed 2 update this morning, now were back to the usual summing up of the day, which was pretty much as I expected it to be thanks to the weather – cold wet and windy! I’m getting bored of April showers. I know February was meant to be a very dry month but both March and April must have made up for it by now, so can we have some sunshine soon, please? We’d both appreciate it – as would our heating bill. I don’t mind wearing an extra layer of clothing whilst I’m sat at home working but I draw the line at bashing a keyboard whilst having to wear mittens!

Still, not a bad day all in all. I managed to get a fair bit done before venturing out down to Sowerby Bridge to pick up some shopping. I even won £5 on a scratchcard, so things must be looking up. OK, a few added zeros would have been nice, but hey ho..

Back at home I knocked off early in order to indulge in some cooking therapy and practice making a dish I’ve not made for a while. Next week Dawn and I are taking in some home-cooked Indian dishes to the Community Rail Network office in Huddersfield for a staff gathering and I thought make one for us this evening. Cucumber curry. No – really! This is made with cucumber, red pepper, creamed coconut and a variety of spices and tastes divine. So, today’s picture was taken in our kitchen as I prepared the dish. Regular readers will know that I like to have all my ingredients pre-prepared and laid out ready for cooking. Here’s tonight’s.

Clockwise from the top: Chopped cucumber. Roughly crushed salted peanuts. Dried red chillies. Garlic and Curry Leaves. Mustard and Cumin seeds. Sugar, Salt and Turmeric. Creamed Coconut mixed with water. In the centre – chopped Red Pepper. Also used is some vegetable oil.

Tomorrow’s rather different as the pair of us are off to Mytholmroyd as guests of the station friends for their annual lunchtime gathering which is always a convivial event. No doubt a few pictures will appear at some point…

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