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After yesterday’s very personal blog this one’s more lighthearted, not that there’s a huge amount to report from Bigland Towers. The weather in West Yorkshire remains the same (wet) and there’s yet another day of industrial action on the railways which has meant I couldn’t have gone anywhere even if I’d wanted to! Thankfully, I’d plenty to do at home in preparation for next week’s Asian adventure. My office now has some empty shelves due to the amount of paperwork I’ve been sifting (or binning). Funny really, weren’t we told 30 odd years ago that computers would lead to the paperless office? Admittedly, they’ve certainly helped reduce it, but there’s still plenty of it floating around my place!

Having generated enough waste to keep our local recycling team in employment I’ve moved onto the electronic side of things and started spring-cleaning a hard-drive I’ll be taking with me for backup storage rather than relying on memory cards and the laptop before I can send stuff to the ‘cloud’. SE Asia’s such a photogenic part of the world I’m sure my memory cards are going to take a hammering. Plus, the hard-drive I’ll be carrying contains a selection of pictures I’ve never got around to properly filing/editing, so that will give me something useful to do on quiet evenings.

Today was Dawn’s first day back at work so the two of us have been busy on opposite levels of the cottage, only meeting in the kitchen or when I nipped out to take our guest mutt for a walk and a wee. With the weather the way it’s been poor ‘Bernie’ hasn’t been that enthusiastic and who can blame her? When you’re a pint-sized Cockapoo bad weather soon leaves you looking bedraggled – even with a coat on. Our little guest returns to her rightful owners tomorrow which is going to feel a little strange as we’ve got used to having her around. On the bright side, I don’t have to worry about taking her out first thing, or picking up poo – but I will miss having the excuse to take her to the pub!

So, today’s picture is a celebration of our little guest. Here’s Dawn and Bernie in our local (The Big 6) before New Year.

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