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It’s been another freezing day here at Bigland Towers, and another one where I’ve really not ventured far – apart from the back garden where I’ve been helping the local wildlife with food and water. People often feed the birds in the winter but water is just as important – especially in sub-zero temperatures when most sources are frozen solid. All my bird feeders are well-stocked but we had some porage oats going spare. They’re organic so should be virtuous. There’s only one problem. They take a bloody age to cook! We often have porage for breakfast – especially this time of year. Its ideal food for a cold winters day as it sticks to your ribs! Add some blueberry compote and a drizzle of honey and you’re set up for the day! We normally make ours in the microwave but found the organic ones we’d bought take at least twice (if not three times) as long to cook. Yesterday I went out and bought traditional Scotts porage oats, rendering the others surplus to requirements. Rather than throw them away I had the idea to feed them to the birds so I dumped a load by the water bowl in the garden. The Magpies and pigeons love ’em! Even the Robins and Thrushes have got in on the act although the Tits and Nuthatches are sticking to the seed-filled feeders.

Birdwatching aside I’ve been keeping busy (and warm) at home adding more old railway slides and other memorabilia for sale on eBay. Nearly 600 items went live this evening. You can find them here. https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/pabig-725

I’ll be adding another selection later in the week.

Due to the rail strikes I couldn’t make it down to London for today’s traditional railway carol service by Euston (although I hope a good time was had by all) but tomorrow I will be on the road again, popping over to Ossett and visiting the local market, which I’ve never visited before. Dawn’s driving over so I thought I’d pop along, so expect a few pictures.

In the meantime, here’s today’s picture which was taken from our bedroom window earlier. This is looking over Sowerby Bridge and the Calder valley at dusk. The clear skies give you an idea what the temperatures going to be like tonight. Looks like I may have to defrost that birdbath in the morning…

An incoming flight from the USA (and a wind turbine below it) are the only things to mar clear skies as the sun sets over Sowerby Bridge and the Calder Valley today.

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