I’m currently bowling towards Berlin on a double-deck train from Frankfurt (Oder) where I’m staying. It’s an hour away from central Berlin but vastly cheaper than trying to book anywhere in the German capital right now as the huge Innotrans trade fair i’m attending has caused prices to go crazy. Instead of paying a four figure sum I’ve a lovely hotel suite in Frankfurt (Oder) for less than 400 quid for 5 nights. Commuting on the train is costing me 30 euros for a weekly season ticket – not bad when you think the normal single fare is 18 euros! Oh, there’s also a lovely little metre-gauge tram network running old Tatra vehicles to play on if I have time!

I’m on the 07:34 to Berlin Hauptbahnhof. Typically for Germany in 2022 it’s running late. only by a few minutrs mind, but there was no obvious reason for the delay. It’s a busy service. We’ve just called at the first stop (Furstenwalde) where so many folk joined us the train’s already full! Mask wearing is still mandatory here and everyone’s complied. It feels strange now as we abandoned the practice in the UK such long time ago. However, the Germans are less cavalier and complacent about Covid.

I’ll blog in fits and starts throughout what will be an incredibly busy day but my first priority is to hook up with various clients to see what it is they want me to do over the next few days.

Catch you later…


One observation before I go. Several of the lityle local stations en-route are having their platforms lengthened. This involves single line working as one track is being used by on-track plant involved in the work. In the UK this would never happen as there would be a complete block on both lines as a safety measure!


Here’s the start of my InnoTrans 2022 gallery, featuring some of the new Stadler trains for the UK…



No rest for the wicked. After a busy day photographing, note-taking and meeting up with old friends I’m now on my way to the British Embassy to cover a trade reception….


It’s been a long day. I’m back at my hotel and it’s time to hit the sack as the fun starts all over again tomorrow. But here’s a couple of pictures to whet your appetite. I’m hoping to cover far more of Innotrans tomorrow (depending on commissions). Hopefully we won’t be having the same stormy weather…

One of the Stadler built train-trams that will soon be appearing in the Welsh valleys…
Merseyside isn’t left out either. Here’s the interior of the new Stadler built trains for Merseyrail. I’ll be honest, I never expected to see the name of my old hometown appear on a train at Innotrans!

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