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My claims that the latest Covid booster and the ‘Lurgi’ weren’t cramping my style too much turned out to be premature – to say the least – hence my enforced absence from blogging! Yesterday I felt like death warmed up as my body became a playground for viruses and vaccines! There was little I could do other than say ‘Oh, bugger’ and stay in the warm to fester and let nature take its course. Today I’m feeling much better and almost back to my old self apart from the fact my cold has dropped my voice by so many octaves I could get a job doing voice-overs on adverts!

I might be recovering, but the weather isn’t. Today’s been the sort of day where you really wouldn’t mind just putting your feet up at home. We’ve had the lot. Heavy rain, winds, snow – you name it. Despite that, I was determined to get out and get some exercise so I donned my waterproofs and wandered down into Sowerby Bridge to pick up a bit of shopping then work my weary way back up the hill – feeling virtuous but also knackered!

I did venture out once more as Dawn needed some boots taking to the shoesmiths in the hope they could be repaired – and our local Tesco contains a Timpsons. They’re a company I’ve always been happy to support because of their policy on employing ex-offenders in order to help rehabilitate them into society. The chap whom I saw was very helpful but couldn’t do anything to cure the problems with Dee’s boots – so it looks like I’ve an extra Xmas present to add to the list – albeit one from the January sales. Sh*t – I hope Dawn’s not going to read this!

I can’t wait to shake off this cold and get back to feeling my old self as I’ve a brilliant week to look forward to with so many things happening. Tomorrow’s my last day of ‘purdah’ before I’m back on the road, so expect a variety of blogs next week. But, for tonight – I’ll end with the picture of the day – which is another old slide from the album of pictures I’m currently scanning from 1994/95.

Here’s the view from our bungalow one evening when the skies were particularly spectacular. It’s a magical landscape but no more so when the sunset provides such a fantastic backdrop.

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