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There was always a dull predictability about what was going to happen at the last remaining anti Hs2 squatter camp, laughably named the Wendover ‘active resistance’ camp. How a tiny handful of people retreating into a hole in the ground until they’re dug out by bailiffs can be classed as ‘active resistance’ is a mystery but then everything about the protesters campaign has been about them writing metaphorical cheques they couldn’t possibly cash. They boasted they were going to stop the biggest construction project in Europe, but in reality, they couldn’t even stop themselves being evicted from any of their squalid camps, much less stop HS2!

The eviction of Wendover began eight days ago. Last Sunday in fact. In that time, the three sites that made up their camp have all been secured by bailiffs and the handful of occupants have been evicted, bar the small group who are now holed-up underground, who look to number less than half a dozen people. All their boasts about holding out for ‘months’ are looking increasingly hollow. The tower they’d built over their sole tunnel (the boasts of more than one tunnel were false, as usual) lasted less than a week, despite their claims that it was so reinforced with barbed wire and other obstacles that it would be a real challenge to demolish. The truth is, a few upper middle-class kids playing ‘eco-warriors’ was never going to be a match for a team of bailiffs – many of whom are ex-military. Yesterday, the final occupant who remained above ground was cut free from his ‘lock-on’ and given his marching orders. The young man, whose name is Tristan (why do I get the impression he’s not from a working class background? Ed) was interviewed for a ‘livestream’ on the HS2Rebellion Facebook page by the increasing ridiculous sounding Mark Keir. Tristan (who sounds every bit as posh as his name suggests) was hardly impressive and seemed to be very happy his jolly jape was over so he could collect his car from the nearby car park and drive home!

With the last protesters holed-up in their tunnel the bailiffs and HS2 contractors have been examining the camp to ensure there’s nobody left. I’ve obtained some pictures of the site which show that these ‘environmentalists’ have left the place a shit-tip. It looks more like a junkyard than the eco-nirvana they pretended they’d turned it into. Take a look.

Needless to say, taxpayers (local and national) will end up paying to have this vermin attracting mess removed and disposed of in an environmental way. Not that this is the first time. Every camp these ‘environmentalists’ have been evicted from or abandoned have looked like this to a greater or lessor extent. The damage these people have created compared to their grandiose claims about ‘protecting’ the environment is a joke. I wonder what some of the mugs who’ve been persuaded to fund the protesters through various crowdfunders think about the reality shown in these pictures, rather than the ‘cute, cuddly and eco-friendly’ image the squatters try and project? Of course, one could also ask what damage the useless tunnel they’ve dug has done to the root systems of the trees around it? A number of trees have had to be severely pruned (at Denham) or removed (at Euston) because of the actions of these people.

No doubt the joke will continue for a little while yet, although it’s obvious from the viewing figures for Mark Keir’s livestreams and the hits on the HS2rebellion Facebook page that most people have lost interest. I’m sure that many people who log on to listen to Keir speak are only doing so to see what ridiculous lie he’s going to come out with next! One of the latest bits of craziness is Keir’s claim that HS2 is going to cause the Grand Union canal to dry up!

The numbers of people turning up to ‘support’ the protesters by standing on the side of the A413 has been rather embarrassing too. Most days it’s been around a dozen – and all the usual suspects whose faces are familiar from other pointless protests around the Chilterns. I expect this number to dwindle even further now there’s nothing to see as the tower’s demolished, the protesters are hiding in a tunnels and the fence has been covered over to block the view. Now, the only question is how long this farce will drag out for before the last few in the tunnel give up or are dug out.

How many days of work on HS2 have been lost because of this. A big fat ZERO as the Wendover camp isn’t even on the route of HS2 – as this map shows. The location of the camp is circled in red.

Sandwiched between the A413 and the existing Chiltern railway it’s outside any of the HS2 construction sites. The protesters could stay in their useless tunnel till Doomsday without affecting HS2 in any way!

Away from this circus HS2 construction’s really ramping up. On Wednesday I’ll be visiting the construction sites at Euston to bring you updates on the work there. I doubt I’ll be blogging about Wendover again until the waste of time protest is over. The fat lady’s song will soon be coming to an end. I’ll bring you an update from her curtain call…

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